Feel Better with the Testosterone XL Protocol

After the age of 27, a man’s testosterone levels begin to steadily decline with age. At first it is not very noticeable. After a few years or sometimes sooner, other problems begin to set in. The signs of low testosterone include fatigue, weakness, depression, sexual performance problems, loss of motivation, sleep problems, and many other symptoms. These things occur in the male equivalent of menopause. For men it is called andropause and there are solutions such as the testosterone xl protocol to help get your hormones back up to the youthful levels they once were. Everything about a man is based on this single powerful hormone. 

Testosterone is responsible for producing all male sexual characteristics and secondary male characteristics. It is what is responsible for the larger muscles, greater strength, and all the face and body hair along with the deep voice. All of that is brought about at puberty because of testosterone. Later in life, this vital hormone helps men to maintain strength and endurance, retain muscle and burn fat, have good sexual performance, and to act like a man in general. Once the levels start to fall, you will need to intervene and get the testosterone back up again.

testosterone xl protocol

The first thing you need to do is get your hormone levels tested to see where they are at. If you do have low testosterone levels, it can be easily identified with blood and saliva tests. There are many practical solutions available. Some of the solutions to low testosterone are medically prescribed and involve taking hormones to literally replace your natural hormones. This is very effective, but it will cause your body to stop making testosterone completely. Instead, your body relies on the prescribed hormone whether it is in the form of injection, patch, or cream.

With the testosterone xl protocol, the emphasis is on lifestyle and dietary changes you can use in tandem with natural dietary supplements and herbs to restore your testosterone back to youthful levels. This should be a man’s first approach rather than go on hormone replacement therapy. That option is always there for you to take advantage of if nothing else works. As you work through the protocol, periodically get your levels checked to see how effective the protocol is for you. It is surprising, but some simple lifestyle changes along with exercise and the right supplements can indeed restore your body’s ability to make enough testosterone.

As we get older, men produce less testosterone and begin to produce more estrogen. That makes the problem get steadily worse over time because the estrogen blocks testosterone release. To make matters worse, much of the testosterone that is in the blood is bound to a protein which inactivates the hormone. With certain changes in life and diet and the use of certain nutrients and herbs, you can get your body to let go of much of the stored testosterone so your body can use it. In time, your normal male hormone levels will be restored and you will be back in the game.