Using social media networks responsibly

Most of us a using social media networks on a furiously regular basis today, we may as well have a conversation about it. Let’s talk about what has already been suggested many times before. Let’s all remind ourselves to use our favorite social media networks more responsibly this time around. Because let’s face it, not just might, but probably are, kids are reading the stuff we put out to others today. Let’s not just mind our tongue and temper but also think carefully about what we’re reading next. Let’s think about what might be ahead of us before we click into that vital link.

Gosh, that’s quite a difficult thing to say, because let’s be honest, it’s quite easy to be tempted. But let’s forget about our moral responsibilities for a second. Let’s think about our own personal vanity and, more importantly, our reputations. Human nature dictates that the human mind remains curious. But let’s face facts, it’s pretty nosey too. Not only are we nosey to see what others are up to, they’re as nosey, if not more, to see what we’re up to. Even chatting to our best pals in an open forum, let’s not use profane language.

Let’s not, make that, let’s definitely not use derogatory, or worse, language. Surely, we have seen what a negative impact it has made on our social media world. Never mind that, they always say don’t worry about the things that are beyond our control but rather within our control, just think what such language does for others that see the world differently from us. Imagine if you were on the receiving end. Even if you’re quite sensible, you’re still human and it can really hurt.